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  • Slang used for Cannabis

    Cannabis Slang
    Cannabis smokers across the generations have come up with new and interesting slang to stand for their favorite green leaf. A lot of this slang has developed out of the need to conceal their herbal enjoyment from invasive ears. There are hundreds of terms for cannabis, however some are more outdated than others. Here are some of our personal favorites: Continue reading

  • Use your Bong for Dabbing

    Using a Bong to Dab weed

    How to use your bong for dabbing

    Concentrate dabbing is the hottest new craze in cannabis that is seeing increasingly popularity as the public begins to see its benefits. Individuals use dabbing if they are wanting to achieve an immediate relief for symptoms that traditional smoking or oral consumption just can’t provide as quickly. Although it is recommended to buy a pipe specifically dedicated for dabbing, your current water pipe is a viable option for your dabbing experience.

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  • Micro Dab Rigs

    Micro Dab rigs for xbetter dabbing cannabis concentrates
    Why is a Micro Dab Rig better?

    With the enticing world of wax concentrates expanding every day, so has the dab rig industry. Dab rigs range in a variety of sizes with various colors and percolators. While the appeal of a larger dab rig may appeal to some, the benefits of a micro dab rig could seriously change your mind. Continue reading

  • How to Grind Weed

    How to Grind weed

    How to Grind Weed for Beginners

    Separating your bud from the stems is an important ritual in the weed smoking lifestyle. Grinding/separating your weed has significant benefits from making your joints/blunts easier and more even to roll as well as making your bowls burn evenly and spread out. Continue reading

  • High Life Goods

    High Life Goods online Smoke Shop

    Experience the High Life! Find out why the people are flocking to the fastest growing online smoke shop! We are everything you need to make your smoke sessions memorable!

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