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#1 Online Smoke Shop

  • The Future of Online Smoke Shops

    Online Smokes Shops the future of Head Shops now Cannabis is Legal

    Head Shops Are Unlikely to Disappear as Demand for Cannabis Grows

    In any American town, you could come across a barely marked, cramped, side-street store filled with “water-pipes” that are “for tobacco use only”, tie-dye wall hangings, and rolling papers. Head shops have been a hallmark of cannabis culture since their beginnings in the hippie culture of the 1960s. Continue reading

  • Customizable Bongs

    Customize a bong online

    • How potential customers, businesses, and brands can make the most of the cannabis industry with custom consumption equipment.

    When soda pops first came to market in the late 19th-century, there had never been anything like it before. As a result, brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper have been dominating the fizzy liquid industry for over 100 years. That might be why people are so excited about the cannabis industry. Continue reading

  • All You Need to Know to Buy Dab Rigs Online

    Buy Dab Rigs Online

    Types of rigs, where to buy them, and the accessories you need to operate a dab rig efficiently.

    Bump-its, mullets, man-buns. We’ve all seen what happens when fads catch on, you start seeing them everywhere. That might be why you are starting to see dab rigs everywhere you go. Continue reading

  • High Life Goods’ Favorite Marijuana Influencers of 2018

    Marijuana accessories and Marijuana instagram

    A lot of times when people hear the phrase “Instagram Influencer”, they cringe. In fact, when we typed in “Instagram Influencers” into a Google search engine just now, the top results are either wealthy models that advertise makeup, or somewhat annoying teens and 20-something-year-old dudes who get likes for posting jackass-style videos. There was one guy in the list who does magic trick videos, Zach King…but the Zach Kings of the world are few and far between. Continue reading

  • Is the NFL About to Allow Players to Smoke Marijuana?

    Everybody knows that athletes love weed. A photo of 23-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps ripping a bong circulated the internet in 2009 while UFC star Ronda Rousey openly supports leaving marijuana off of drug tests, and Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch even has a strain of marijuana named after him. Snoop Dogg says that Lynch doesn’t smoke, but we’re not sure how accurate that is after watching his interviews? Continue reading

  • Visiting a Marijuana Dispensary

    Cannabis Dispensary Visits

    Visiting a Dispensary for the First Time

    Recreational cannabis consumption has been sweeping the nation, with 11 states of the country elected to use recreational with plenty more on their way as they enjoy medical consumption. When you are ready to go out and explore the exciting world of recreational cannabis, it’s definitely good to know a few tips about entering a dispensary. Continue reading

  • The Best Cannabis Treats for Your Holiday Party

    Cannabis treat for Holiday Party

    The Best Cannabis Treats for Your Holiday Party

    After all the new states that have legalized marijuana this year, it would only make sense to bring some along to the various events and parties you’re going to attend, right?! Pretty much everybody gets excited when you bring out the weed chocolate or gummies. It can get a little pricey purchasing edibles for a large group, however, and not everybody wants to smoke, so we’ve found some easy DIY ideas for your get-together that are definite crowd pleases. You’ll get bonus points too for making it yourself; it’s always the thought that counts during the holidays…and whoever brings the best goods to the party. Continue reading

  • Slang used for Cannabis

    Cannabis Slang
    Cannabis smokers across the generations have come up with new and interesting slang to stand for their favorite green leaf. A lot of this slang has developed out of the need to conceal their herbal enjoyment from invasive ears. There are hundreds of terms for cannabis, however some are more outdated than others. Here are some of our personal favorites: Continue reading

  • Use your Bong for Dabbing

    Using a Bong to Dab weed

    How to use your bong for dabbing

    Concentrate dabbing is the hottest new craze in cannabis that is seeing increasingly popularity as the public begins to see its benefits. Individuals use dabbing if they are wanting to achieve an immediate relief for symptoms that traditional smoking or oral consumption just can’t provide as quickly. Although it is recommended to buy a pipe specifically dedicated for dabbing, your current water pipe is a viable option for your dabbing experience.

    Continue reading

  • Micro Dab Rigs

    Micro Dab rigs for xbetter dabbing cannabis concentrates
    Why is a Micro Dab Rig better?

    With the enticing world of wax concentrates expanding every day, so has the dab rig industry. Dab rigs range in a variety of sizes with various colors and percolators. While the appeal of a larger dab rig may appeal to some, the benefits of a micro dab rig could seriously change your mind. Continue reading

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#1 Online Smoke Shop