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Glass Hand Pipes

Hand pipes have been a classic way to enjoy one’s smoke for thousands of years. While hand pipes have been made from numerous materials such as wood, metal, bone, or stone, hand pipes in recent years have been melded naturally with the world of glass blowing. Although having a bit of a negative stigma for years due to its relationship with other narcotics, glass pipes have been widely accepted and revered in recent years due to the rise of artisanal glass blowing.
Artists from around the world have flocked to the realm of glassblowing as an outlet for functional, yet beautiful art.  In a world of choice and variety, glass hand pipes do not fall short of selection. Coming in a number of sizes, functions and designs, there are so many different types of glass pipes for every lifestyle. Hand pipes are meant to be portable and easily carried smoking devices, and as the name would suggest, can fit easily in your hand.

One of the most common hand pipe styles is the classic spoon pipe. This standard straight pipe is predominately characterized by its bowl, the round section that one packs their herbs. Another trusted design is the classic chillum. This “straight shooter” pipe was originally made from clay and was invented and used in India since the 18th century.
Similar to a cigarette, the chillum is one of the most straight forward designs, with one end for packing herb and the other for inhalation. Another variety of hand pipe being popularized in recent years is the bubbler. Combining the best of both worlds, hand bubblers are a perfect harmony between the portability of a hand pipe and the added filtration of a water pipe/bong. Bubblers typically have larger chambers in comparison to spoon pipes, in order to fill water for the user’s benefit.
Once packed, a bubbler sends smoke through the water filled chamber then down the stem, offering a smoother and less harsh puff. Bubblers are a fan favorite amongst contemporary smokers because they cool the smoke to a much more tolerable level. 

Maintaining and cleaning are also essential parts of prolonging the life of your glass hand pipe. Once you purchase your first piece, you’re probably going to wonder the best way to clean a glass pipe. Similar to that of a bong or a dab rig, there are a variety of options in regard to keeping your glass looking brilliant. Some individuals prefer to boil their glass pipe, however this process tends to be tedious and may not get all of the resin clear from your piece; it also requires scrubbing.
However, the modern market has brought about a number of glass pipe cleaners, each typically containing high alcohol and salt content, but usually have a pleasant scent added for convenience. The easiest method for using these cleaners is to simply place your glass hand pipe in a Ziploc bag, coat the inside and outside of your hand pipe with the cleaner, and allow to sit for 1+ hours. Afterwards, shake vigorously to break lose any tricky resin, and then wash clean with warm water. Having a great looking and tasting pipe has never been simpler!

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