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Dab Rigs

Dab rigs have become the premiere method to enjoying cannabis wax concentrates! Regardless of its rising popularity, many still are confused on exactly how to use a dab rig. The art of “dabbing” is simply placing a small dab of wax concentrate onto a heated nail, then inhaling the vapor that comes from this process. This is typically done with a glass, ceramic, titanium or enail (electronic nail and coil hooked up to a power source). While the entire process may be intimidating to some, once an individual sees the advantages to dabbing they may be converted away from flower entirely. The process of dabbing is similar to vaporization. Instead of combusting your cannabis product and releasing thousands of harmful carcinogens, dabbing releases only vapor and has a tendency to be better for your health long term. 

Dab rigs in general tend to be more simplistic in their design than traditional water pipes. Dab rigs tend to only have one percolator (if any at all), due to the fact that wax really gums up the inner workings of your glass. With that being said, the best dab rigs embody that simplicity is key. Dab rigs can range in complexity however, typically as more of aesthetic purposes.

The most expensive dab rigs typically are known as “heady pieces” and embody individuality and artistic taste with each rig.  Once you get into the craze that is dabbing, you are going to wonder how to clean a dab rig. This process is almost identical to how one would clean a traditional water pipe or hand pipe. Once your dab rig has gotten dirtied up with resin, a good cleaning is essential to making your rig look and taste like new! Either use your favorite trusted glass cleaner or go a little more old-school with the classic Isopropyl alcohol and Epsom salt combo. Simply soak the inner workings of your dab rig and nail with your cleaner and allow to sit for 1+ hour. After which, all you need to do is shake your piece until all of the resin comes loose from the walls of your rig. Wash multiple times with warm water and your dab rig will look as beautiful as the day you bought it! It’s that simple!

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