With the rise of dabbing coming into the mainstream, people are realizing the use for butane torches. To heat up your ceramic, titanium, or quartz nail on your rig for proper dabbing, one would need a flame source. That’s where butane torches come in handy! HLG provides a plethora of butane torch options, ranging in sizes, color, flame size/count, butane capacity, etc. To properly use your butane torch for dabbing, one would also need a butane supply to refuel once your torch runs out after a few uses. Butane comes from a variety of options, allowing for longer lasting and cleaner burning fuel depending on your price point. To refuel a butane torch, all one would simply need to do is tip their torch upside down, plug the fuel tip of the butane canister into the bottom of the torch, and then press lightly for 15-20 seconds. This should always be done in a well-ventilated room (or get outside and hear the birds chirping!). For the fuel to reach room temperature, you should leave your torch for 8-10 minutes for optimal use. Butane torches are easy to use yet must have extreme caution when operating with one. You are working with an open flame and should exercise common sense when working with a torch.