Quartz Bangers/Nails

Bangers, also known as dabbing buckets, are one of the newest faces on the dab rig scene. As opposed to a traditional nail, bangers don’t require any kind of dome in order to function properly. Bangers simply rely on the natural shape and your inhalation in order to properly dab. Bangers function similarly to a traditional nail, in that you would simply heat up the banger with your butane torch and transport any desired concentrates onto the heated surface ready to be enjoyed. Bangers come in all different sizes, some with quartz cores and fritted slits for additional airflow control. Banger use can be significantly improved with a carb cap as well! Carb caps provide a vortex of cooling air into your banger and some even have the capability to help stir/mix your concentrates as you inhale. Bangers are certainly the wave of the future of dabbing and will only continue to improve.