OOZE® 4-in-1 UFO Silicone Multi-functional Smoking Device

SKU: 10-40411



OOZE's UFO Hybrid Silicone and Borosilicate Glass Bubbler is a water pipe, dab rig, vape adaptor, and nectar collector all in one, shaped like an alien space saucer here to speak to humanity's leaders about the benefits of cannabis use. This futuristic outer space-themed hybrid water pipe can do it all!

This bubbler dab rig nectar collector combo is made from sturdy food-grade silicone and borosilicate glass. This spaceship is multifunctional and created by an advanced alien society that has mastered time travel and the technology necessary to change an object from its original shape into something different with entirely new capabilities. This shape-shifting, if you will, allows smokers to change up the way they smoke, how they smoke, and exactly what kind of matter they will be using during their smoking session. The Armor Bowl is used for dry flower, and a 14mm/18mm downstem is included that's compatible with other pipes. The glass insert of the bowl can be removed to create a vape adaptor for OOZE pens.

Dabbing concentrates is as easy as ever with an included 90° Thermal Quartz Banger that can take torch heat the same as any other reliable dab rig. A titanium nail accessory included can be combined with the mouthpiece to create a nectar collector and the Geode stash jar can be used as a concentrate dish.

This piece is perfect for enjoying both flower and concentrates. Order today and gear up for 710 Day!

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