Hit yourself a home-run with a dugout one-hitter! These crafty devices have been revered for their discreet and easy to use nature. The basic concept of a dugout is a wooden (sometimes metal, ceramic, or metal) box with two compartments: one for the one-hitter pipe, known as a bat, and the other for your herb stash. The herb compartment typically fits 2-3.5 grams of herbs, depending on the manufacturer. The simple cover keeps both your herbs and your bat sealed and secure. Whenever you’re looking to smoke, simply open the top hatch, pop out your bat and stick it straight into your herbs, easily packing it and making it ready to hit!

Dugouts come designed for all different price ranges. Varying in wood quality, added features such as grinder/lighter holders, or even size can affect the price of your new dugout. Some companies have even gone as far as to make their dugouts of artisan quality, decorating them with bone, shells, laser engravings, etc. There is a dugout for every lifestyle, making it one of our customers’ favorite smoking accessories to date!