Dropdowns & Adapters

Dropdowns and adapters are key accessories to expanding your dab rig set up. Dropdowns are glass arms utilized to move the rig nail farther from your face, making your dabbing experience easier and more pleasurable. These are a fan favorite among dab enthusiasts because it keeps their rig well balanced and easier to use. Aside from overall comfort, dropdowns do the important job of reducing heat stress. After long periods of use, heat can be transferred from the nail to your rig’s joint and can lead to cracking. Most breaks that can occur on your joint will happen over time and at a very slow pace, meaning it may be too late to repair once individual notices. Dropdowns reduce this heat contact and is much easier to replace than the entire dab rig. On the other hand, we have rig adapters. Adapters are important for, as the name suggests, adapting your nail. As your nail and banger collection expands, don’t limit yourself by your rig’s dedicated joint size or sex. With an adapter, you can use any nail or banger with a dab rig. Since dab rigs have varying joint sizes, ranging in 10mm, 14mm and 19mm, as well as genders Male and Female, you may decide you want to use a dome or nail that is simply too big (or small) for your rig. With the proper adapter, your rig can be upgraded and outfitted with any size nail and dome of your choosing!