Carb Caps

With the recent trends of dabbing have risen in popularity among the smoking community, people have begun to realize the true potential that their concentrates could be utilized. With the advent of open air nail systems such as bangers and domeless nails, carb caps have become very popular among dabbing enthusiasts. Carb caps main purpose is to create a restricted airflow for your concentrates to vaporize within. Most carb caps have a singular hole which helps create suction within the chamber, and this in turn creates a vortex that helps cool down both the air and vapor trapped inside. Like dab rig nails, carb caps can be made of either titanium, ceramic, glass or quartz. The type you choose depends on personal preference since they all function the same, yet glass tends to be the most popular due to its versatility in design and color. So grab yourself a carb cap and make the most out of your dab rig!