Cannabis Grinders

Herb grinders are one of the smoker’s favorite marijuana accessories in their stash boxes! Taking the hard work out of separating your herbs, grinders are easy-to-use operation make prepping your smoke sesh a breeze. When rolling joints or packing bowls, many smokers prefer to use a grinder to get their herbs evenly distributed. This process enables your joints to smoke more evenly and make them easier to pack. Weed Grinders are typically made of either acrylic or stainless steel. Most smokers like the steel ones since they are nearly impossible to break and tend to have sharper teeth.
Different Styles of Grinders-
Herb grinders usually come in either 2-piece or 4-piece designs. A 2-piece grinder is the earliest form of herb grinder, containing just a top and bottom piece with sharp teeth ready for your herb. Once your herbs are ground up, they should fall out onto your rolling surface easy. However, if your buds are just way too sticky, a simple paperclip or poker can easily dislodge them from the teeth. A 4-piece grinder is a bit more advanced. These weed grinders are composed of top and bottom teeth compartments, a middle compartment that your ground herbs fall into, and then a fourth chamber that is typically outfitted with a pollen screen. These bottom chambers are beloved by many as they easily sift through any fallen kief while grinding your herbs. This kief can be sprinkled on bowls, joints, or blunts for an extra kick. Many 4-piece grinders come with a handy scooper for handling your pollen.