Bent Glass

Bent Glass manufactures premium Bongs, Dab Rigs, and Bubblers are hand blown by highly experienced glass blowers who have decades of experience. The Bent series is one of the most innovative lines available to the public. Strongly influenced by urban culture, Bent’s stylish new designs easily stand out from the crowd. It is imperative in this dynamic market place.

Bent’s dedication to highly functional glass is second to none as they pride themselves on maintaining the highest quality craftsmanship at the best prices in the industry. The production line features premium components found on Bent Glass Bong ‘s and Bent Glass Dab Rigs that could easily be sold at a much higher price.

Pushing innovation is key, but never at the cost of quality. That is why Bent Glass tailored their manufacturing process to minimize cost, without having to sacrifice quality or function. By pricing Bent Glass products in direct correlation to glass materials and development cost, Bent Glass can guarantee that you will getting the most out of your money whether you seek an affordable dab rig, or high end bong. Welcome to the next generation of bong's, innovative design, amazing value, and unquestionable style.

Let Bent Glass take you to the forefront of this new era in smoking technology. Proudly made in the USA. GET BENT.