Acrylic Bongs

For years, acrylic bongs have been known to be both affordable and trustworthy for the every day smoker.

Acrylic is easier to produce and shape, making their general price points cheaper than glass. These acrylic bongs are much less prone to breaking than its glass counter parts and is largely why they have been popular among smokers. \

Imagine passing around your glass bong around at a party and your careless friend knocks it over off the table as he passes by. With most glass bongs, even the thick sturdy ones, your pipe is going to break and crack from a fall like that.

With an acrylic bong, this problem will be outdated. Acrylic bongs in general have a high durability and makes them perfect for traveling and on the go! Want to take the party with you to the beach, woods, mountains, wherever?

Acrylic can be the simple and sturdy solution for all your on-the-go smoking desires! Aside from being durable, acrylic bongs can even be easier to clean that glass. Resin tends to stick to glass much more vigorously.