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Bongs, or water pipes, are a tried and true method for enjoying your herbal blends. Having been an essential aspect of smoking culture for decades, many different types of bongs have been developed for a variety of lifestyles. Through the use of water filtration, bongs have been a trusted way to enjoy your smoke while also reducing the heat that comes from combustion. “What kinds of bongs are there?”, you may ask. Just as diverse as the artists that create them, there are so many different types of bongs come in a plethora of designs and functions. Ranging from straight beaker pipes, to recycler pipes that keep moisture present in your smoke, to multilevel percolated bongs, the possibilities are endless. Many individuals opt to even add additional accessories such as ash catchers or ice intermediaries to enhance their overall bong smoking experience.  Once an individual has become an experienced smoker, they are definitely going to want to know how to clean their pipes and bongs. After all, all good things must be maintained over time! There are many who argue as to what is the best cleaner for bongs, but at the end of the day it really varies from person to person. Many factory-made cleaners are popular among smokers as they tend to be worry free and usually have pleasant smells to accompany them. Depending on how often you use your bong, however, it may entice you to use alternative cleaning methods for maintaining your piece. One classic method is the combination of high concentrate Isopropyl alcohol and Medical Epsom salt. This grime-battling concoction is the perfect method for having your bong looking and smelling like new. Simply coat the insides of your bong chamber and bowl with your cleaner, allow to sit for 1+ hours, shake vigorously, and wash out. It’s that simple! Savor that original taste, never settle for something filthy.

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