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An ideal method to keeping your herbs and concentrates fresh is high quality storage. Using sterile storage containers such as glass and silicone, you can keep your products ready to use and access! With a range of sizes and designs, we happily provide any storage solution that you may need. All our marijuana storage solutions are air tight, locking in all the precious aromas and freshness to your buds of choice. When it comes to storing your precious herb, airtight solutions are highly sought after to keeping your product as fresh as the day that you brought it home. On the topic of concentrates, silicone is valued for its sterile and beneficial non-stick characteristics. Silicone is an extreme asset to the dabbing lifestyle as it is stick-free and allows for convenient and easy dabbing. Many of these silicone concentrate containers come outfitted with divided sections to keep your various shatter, hash, oils, etc. separated. On top of personal storage containers, we also boast a wide selection of smell-proof carbon bags. These discreet bags enable for useful and worry-free transportation of your bud when on the go. For a variety of transportation sizes, we carry everything from small transport bags to large carbon duffle bags for those big journeys. Along with dedicated bags, you can even upgrade your current every day backpack or duffle bag to be smell-proof with our carbon bag inserts. These inserts lock any aroma and makes your life easier. Upgrade your secret stash with any one of our innovative storage containers.

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